I was always seriously into music growing up. I began playing piano at age 4, then violin and trumpet at age 7, and finally guitar by age 9. While all my friends were out having fun, I would spend all of my time playing guitar. I never really had many formal lessons. Instead I would play along with records to players such as Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, and Randy Rhoads.

I joined my first serious club band at age 19 and from playing around the New York area, I managed to get an audition for Warlock, which led to my first recording and touring experience at age 22. I played on the Warlock Force Majoure record and did the major accompanying tour. After the Warlock experience came to an end, I moved to Los Angeles to continue my career. At the time, the Grunge movement began and although I enjoyed many of the bands from that era, I was not interested in playing that style of music.

Never thinking I would ever seriously play music again, one day I got a call from Jeff Pilson asking if I would play some solos on some demos. I thought the demos were for Jeff’s solo career and I had no idea it was actually for Dokken. I actually, wasn’t even going to do it (as I had not played seriously in several years) but my dad pushed me into it.

I showed up at the studio and to my surprise the whole band was there. Since Dokken was my favorite band growing up, I was seriously shocked. The solos must have gone well since a few weeks later, Jeff called me and asked if I would play a show with them at the Dallas Starplex. I did the show which was the first time I had performed in 5 years. I went on to become the band’s attorney and sure enough, I am now in the band.

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